Outbound Voice Support

Over decades, it has been proven that a company success lies in the retention of its customer base and the important step of this Customer Relationship Management cycle always starts at the customer acquisition process. Dynaxon has proven sales force that may give a run for their money to any top lead generation companies who are used to build their market share. With an offering of a unique sales force team flexibly located in India and Philippines, we can guarantee your business growth as our telemarking agents have the skills and experience to make any project successful. Combined with skilled and experienced sales force team, the most upgraded outbound dialling technology compliant to the geographical regulations on telemarketing and stringent compliance and quality control procedures, Dynaxon ensures a lethal package to ensure that xpectations are always exceeded with high sales ratio.

Dynaxon pricing is competitive and flexible with transaction based, fixed pay or progressive pay models.

Is your company spending fortunes on marketing campaigns targeting a wider market but still being unsuccessful in reaching the target audience? Dynaxon’s lead generation services is the answer to this question as lead generation services are designed to cater to the business to business (B2B) markets as well as the business to consumer (B2C) markets. We use creative but proven tele-prospecting, customer surveys, lead nurturing, and integrated marketing services methods to cater to the requirements of targeted leads.

A tele sales team can comprise of a group of individuals trying to sell a product to a customer. But what differentiates a tele sales team from a good tele sales team is the skill to identify the right opportunity to convert prospects and leads into sales transaction thus leading to a new customer acquisition. Dynaxon can boast of such professionals who are screened and trained to acquire these skills. These tele sales professionals combined with most upgraded technology, script writing and real time monitoring of response and sales ratio caters to exceeding the customer expectations.

A sales cycle always starts with a sales pitch to the decision maker and these decision makers are the bigger players in any company whose calendars are usually blocked throughout the year. Dynaxon has the skilled work force who can take these targeted decision makers and schedule appointments or remind them of their appointments so that your sales force team can get a slot booked in their calendars so that an undivided attention is given to your product or service pitch. We have the ability to convert successfully generated targeted leads to appointments and further follow up for reminders and re scheduling.

Dynaxon is a pioneer and expert of market research and survey services catering to businesses of various domains ranging from financial, household, personal, health, utilities, telecom by collecting data on purchase and usage, interest level etc. through simple questionnaire based surveys.

We currently conduct approximately 50,000 Opted In market research surveys a month which we forecast to increase by another 35% to 40% within this quarter. We conduct long and short surveys and we have PCI compliant Data storage and Data Security standard with the help of our own customized CRM. We are capable of all sort of data delivery method i.e., Post String, Web Interface, Real Time, Encrypted files amongst others. Having an in depth knowledge, experience and expertise in the UK industry we are fully compliant with ICO and DMA regulations.

Dynaxon offers a flexible and cost effective service to companies with quantitative and qualitative 3rd party verification services. Our representatives are unbiased verifiers assuring 100% accurate verified data.